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Contact: Jennifer Wells  Office: (530) 899-8434  Email: pr@it-techworks.com

New TempElert Software Provides Mission Critical Temperature & Switch Monitoring and sends Email & Pager Alerts 

Chico, CA – March 21st, 2003ItWorks recently released TempElert—a new program that will send email or page alerts to make monitoring a variety of temperature controlled environments even more efficient. TempElert not only logs information from the TempTrax temperature probes or switch sensors, but can also be configured to send customizable alerts via email, alphanumeric pagers, cell phones and PDAs.   

Plus,  for mission critical PC and server room monitoring, we include our POWERBUG program to enable network controlled shutdown of PC’s or servers that would be affected by high temperature conditions. Designed with a variety of users in mind, TempElert can be set up to relay data in a multitude of ways by delivering information from TempTrax’s multiple switch and temperature probe capacity.  The software automatically detects which type of unit you’re using, and allows you to assign a desired temperature range (anywhere from -40° to 140° F) or switch setting to each probe in the program. From there, you can monitor temperature data and alerts for each individual probe—up to as many as 16 with the Model E16! A few potential applications can include:

  • Computer Server Room Air Conditioning monitor/alert
  • Process control monitoring for temperature or limit switches
  • Scientific Experiments requiring multiple probe locations
  • Remote location sensing
  • Refrigerated Systems monitoring
  • Greenhouse air and soil temperature monitors
  • Aquaculture, agriculture, and animal breeders
  • Icing or freeze alarms
  • Remote burglar alarms or limit switches
  • Anywhere you need to monitor temperatures or switch status and have a TCP/IP Internet WAN or LAN available!

 The software also creates data logs, and can store an unlimited date range.  More key features of TempElert include:

·         Displays visual thermometer indicators, plus graphs of each probe 

·         Probes and switches can be named to match locations

·         Software support for both Normally Open "N.O." and Normally Closed "N.C." switches

·         At a glance visual annunciator shows alarm status onscreen

·         Alarms and Cautions upper and lower limits can be set in the software

·         Built in error checking and recovery, plus daily data logging to disk in plain text

·         Audible alarm which can be turned on/off-- wave file is selectable from disk

·         Customizable Alarm or Switch Status Box allows you to put your own image and wording in the alarm indicator box

·         Displays in degrees F or C

·         Ability to monitor a single unit from multiple locations; multiple iterations of the program can be polling the TempTrax model E simultaneously

·         TempElert can run external windows programs when alarms occur, such as a PC power shutdown routine; programs and batch file operations are supported

·         POWERFUL free software feature included- PowerBug PC/server shutdown program which can shutdown one or multiple PC's/servers on your LAN

·         Remote and local operation, also supports dialup Internet connections

·         Fully configurable SMTP mail server settings including authentication if needed

·         Can monitor 1 or 2 probe serial RS232 TempTrax model F device or  4, 8, or 16 probe Ethernet/internet readyTempTrax Model E

A fully functional version of TempElert for evaluation is available at http://www.tempelert.com

Price: $99.00 each
Immediate availability, dealer inquiries invited

For more information, visit the TempElert Website at:
Contact: Jennifer Wells, Public Relations
email: pr@it-techworks.com
Telephone: (530) 899-8434
Fax: (530) 899-3333
3008 Cohasset Rd.
Chico, CA 95973


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